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  • Dr. Barbara K. Pryor: The Role of an Environmental NGO in the Landmark Florida Everglades Restoration: An Ethnography of Environmental Conflict Resolution With Many Twists and Turns
    ...groundbreaking new book sheds a beacon of light on the role of conflict resolution in resurrecting America's Everglades at long last... Since the turn of the twentieth century, the American conflict between economic development and environmental conservation has been epitomized by the struggles between those who seek to develop and those who seek to protect the Everglades. In recent years the region has embraced the daunting challenge of protecting nearly 70 endangered or threatened species and restoring an ecosystem which has been profoundly altered, while still trying to meet growing human needs for space and natural resources. This landmark environmental conflict centers around the successful implementation of an unprecedented, 38-year, $7.8 billion federal-state Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan (CERP) signed into law December 11, 2000 to bring the nation's most endangered and treasured natural wetland back to life. Author Dr. Barbara K. Pryor demonstrates that most of the ecological benefits for America's Everglades promised in the historic CERP are riddled with conflict over many uncertainties and decades of delays which must still be resolved in order to resurrect this fragile River of Grass to the highest possible level as countless stakeholders have always dreamed. To learn more about "The Role of an Environmental NGO in the Landmark Florida Everglades Restoration" and read a sample chapter, please visit author's Web site at (ISBN: 1-933037-61-X FORMAT: Paperback SIZE: 5.5 x 8.5 RETAIL PRICE: $17.95 USD PAGES: 268) Available For Purchase Online through all major retail Web sites (blackwell's online,,,,,, amazon. com, etc.), (publisher), and through (author's Web site) (*****)
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